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Why Y?

Or, Why my company's name is a single letter.

The name of my company is Y.

Y, LLC, in the eyes of The Law, but for everyday use: Just the letter Y.

A little odd, right? After all, a one-letter company name diverges from pretty basic branding and naming best practices. "How will people find you?" "That's not going to come up on any Google search!" "When people ask for your company name and you say 'Y,' aren't they going to think you're being insolent?"

So, why pick it?

I believe a company name and brand should be an extension of your principles. Here are mine:

Be Curious.

Curiosity leads to wide exploration and deep connection. Most good journeys—and stories—start with a good question. As a client, if someone provides you with a service without asking any questions, you’re getting something off the shelf. Y is a letter and a question, and the first part of my process is asking lots of questions.

Run Your Own Race.

What works for others won’t necessarily work for you. Understanding your unique circumstances may reveal unique advantages. For me, Y is a personal consulting & advising brand: I accept a limited number of clients, via referrals or personal outreach. So SEO doesn’t matter for this company and I could choose a name that over-indexes on being unique—and elicits curiosity.

Focus on Purpose.

When you ask someone ‘Why?’ you’re asking for the purpose of something. Understanding the reason why you’re making a decision makes everything clearer. Identifying and sharing your purpose with others is often the most important part of the marketing journey.

Plus, I'm a big fan of essentialism. And as a company focused on growth & marketing, we're always trying to grow whatever's on your Y-Axis 😄


Start with Y.